• A baby born between 23-30 weeks is born almost 2-3 months too early.

    These babies may suffer from mental and/or physical disabilities

  • The PRESERVE-1 study is ongoing but not recruiting patients at this time. Talk to your provider about preeclampsia and other treatment options.

  • You are not alone. Many women suffer from preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Did you know?

High blood pressure during pregnancy might mean you have preeclampsia, which can often only be treated by delivering the baby — often dangerously early.

Every additional day your baby can grow in the mother’s womb may make a difference in improving your baby’s health. 

PRESERVE-1 is a clinical study for women who develop preeclampsia early in pregnancy, between weeks 23-30. 

Like all clinical studies, PRESERVE-1 will determine if a potential treatment is safe and effective in treating preeclampsia.

Study Goals

  • Allow baby to stay in womb longer
  • Improving health and well-being of the baby

Over 25 hospitals in the US participated in the PRESERVE-1 study.